Jilin Medical University

Jilin Medical University was recently known as Jilin Military Medical University (Jilin Air Force Medical University). The college was set up in 1952 as Anshan Air Force Medical Middle School and afterwards formed into Jilin Air Force Medical University. It was the main restorative college of the Air Force. The college later converged with the biggest of the military medicinal schools—the Fourth Military Medical University of Chinese PLA. The school was renamed around then as Jilin Military Medical University of the Fourth Military Medical University of Chinese PLA.


Jilin Medical University is situated close to the Songhua River in the wonderful northeastern Chinese city of Jilin. Jilin City was as of late picked as a standout amongst the most lovely urban communities in China. Jilin is well known for its winter view which incorporates numerous long stretches of hoarfrost secured trees. The grounds of Jilin Medical University is situated in the instructive zone in the south stream area of Jilin City. Close to the grounds, the Songhua River twists its way around the southern piece of Jilin.

The outside air, delightful condition, helpful transportation and the solid social air make it a decent spot for understudies to think about.

The University has vast grounds with current structures covering in excess of 360,000 square meters. The college has a fixed resource of 600 million RMB. The University has best in class educating offices. The new instructing and research structures are outfitted with scholastic trade focuses, science lobbies, language labs, an electronic library perusing room and online PC study halls. All homerooms have present-day media educating hardware. The college utilizes sight and sound educating. The recently finished 48,000 square meter Experimental Medicine Center is outfitted with cutting edge gear and capacities, it can suit in excess of 7,000 understudies in the meantime.

  • Until July 2004 it was one of the Chinese PLA (Peoples' Liberation Army) Academies. The fundamental motivation behind the college was to prepare therapeutic staff for the Air Force. It was a military restorative college with a magnificent history and fine convention.
  • In 2004 after the State Council and Military Commission revamped the military medicinal schools the college turned out to be a piece of the national customary college framework. It is currently the main free exhaustive therapeutic college in Jilin region.
  • At the point when the college achieves full enlistment, there will be 10,000 full-time college understudies. The college initiates understudies from all over China. At present, it has selected in excess of 5000 understudies from 27 territories, districts and independent locales all over China. The college additionally participates in the preparation of national safeguard understudies.
  • Jilin Medical University offers 8 undergrad first dimension subjects: preventive medication, clinical prescription and medicinal innovation, stomatology, nursing, drug store, brain science, electronic-data and open undertakings organization.
  • The college likewise offers 12 undergrad second-level subjects: preventive prescription, clinical drug, therapeutic tests, medicinal imaging, restorative natural innovation, stomatology, nursing, drug store, pharmaceutical, open undertakings organization, connected brain science, biomedical building.
  • The college has 13 college classes and concentrated bearings: clinical prescription, clinical medication (with an accentuation on regenerative drug), clinical medication (with an accentuation on Mother-Child Health), preventive medicine(nutrition and sustenance cleanliness), connected psychology(medical brain research), biomedical building, open issues organization, drug store, pharmaceutical arrangements, restorative test, therapeutic imaging, nursing, English nursing.
  • Jilin Medical University stresses showing changes and accepts educational programs development as the establishment. Instructors preparing is continuous and a key piece of the college's vision. With various offices, the college attempts to advance and mirror every office's attributes.
  • The college puts weight on the development of subjects and the educational modules. The college has two key built subjects on the military dimension, two key medicinal research facilities on the military dimension, one national course, three remarkable seminars on the commonplace dimension and three superb courses.
  • Jilin Medical University has a very much organized proficient staff with experienced educators holding doctoral and ace degrees. The employees have a solid feeling of big business and are all around qualified in their fields of instructing, restorative administration and logical research. More than 30 per cent of the personnel is by and by engaging with alumni thinks about. The college has full-time educators, low maintenance teachers, partner educators and other tops of the line proficient people who number more than 190.
  • Among the employees are 31 postgraduate coaches and 2 who appreciate extraordinary stipends from the State Council. 21 employees have been regarded as extraordinary instructors by the country, military or region.
  • Jilin Medical University has generally solid logical research and scholarly research capacity. The college has effectively finished research on 86 distinct subjects for the state and the military. The college has gotten 574 Technology Achievement Awards on the national dimension, 39 National Invention Award and national licenses.
  • Jilin Medical University has likewise gotten in excess of 40 encouraging accomplishment and instructive innovation accomplishment grants. The workforce has distributed in excess of 6000 articles in periodicals or at gatherings on or over the commonplace dimension. The Ministry of Public Health has granted the college two top prizes for the altering of arranged educating materials. Our college has been recognized as the altering unit of the national showing material board of trustees.
  • The grounds data arrange is rich. In our library, there are 300,000 segments of accumulations, more than 50,000 electronic books and in excess of 600 unique periodicals. The college's library has been assessed as an "astounding library" among colleges in Jilin territory. The college's medicinal diary "Jilin Medical University Journal" is a piece of " China 's Core Journals Database." It was granted first prize by the Military Medical Periodicals.
  • Jilin Medical University 's partnered emergency clinic, 456 Hospital is a far-reaching clinic required with therapeutic administration, educating, investigate, preventive prescription and social insurance. It has propelled hardware, for example, MRI, DSA, poly-winding CT, DR computerized camcorder, advanced gastrointestinal machines, 24-hour Holter observing, shading ultrasounds, full-programmed biochemical analyzer, high-vitality centre ultrasonic blades, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other gear. The clinic can perform heart and lung transplants, bivalve substitution and major vascular medical procedure, PTCA, coronary supply route sidestep uniting (CABG) and open heart medical procedure for newborn children with the convoluted intrinsic coronary illness. The emergency clinic is distinguished as one that guides poor people. Right now, the medical clinic has three specialities that are key specialities in Jilin territory.
  • The college has a top of the line social and sports focus. The far-reaching current diversion focus includes about 5000 square meters. It can hold 3600 individuals. The inside has a standard shooting range, table tennis corridor, b-ball courts and wellness clubs. It doesn't just serve the college purchase additionally numerous substantial occasions in Jilin City.
  • The college's outside games field covers 40000 square meters with a football field, ball courts, tennis courts, skating arena and running track. The games focus and outside games field address the issues of PE instructing, preparing and rivalries.
  • The grounds condition is delightful and tree-shaded. It is a model "Green Unit." The recently manufactured understudy grounds, the extensive understudy eating lobby and the business focus furnish understudies with prevalent quality, agreeable and advantageous learning condition. The counterfeit lake and the 500-meter long social display make a lovely picture. It is an ideal spot for the staff and understudies to think about, unwind and engage themselves.
  • The college holds fast to the logical idea of improvement. Advance the spirit, contemplate widely lives ethically and work to mend others. The college's core value is: "catch the chance, quicken improvement, raise the dimension and become a celebrated school." The college organization is guided by this idea: "deal with the college following the law, build up a college of high calibre, build up the college's highlights, and fortify the college with science and innovation."
  • Jilin Medical University is attempting endeavours to advance quality instruction so as to create connected and aptitude based gifts. As of now, all the staff is stirring the soul of solidarity, doing strong work and progressing with the occasions. We are endeavouring extraordinary endeavours to improve conditions, to reinforce our capacity to run a cutting edge school, to make unmistakable highlights and in the meantime endeavouring to influence our college to turn into a persuasive first-level therapeutic college in China.

  • Application Form for the University
  • Diploma (10+2 Marksheet) of High School which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program- copy of the original language diploma and legalized translation in English.
  • Original Passport - valid at least 6 months after the date when the invitation letter to studies is issued.
  • Birth Certificate and legalized translation in English, if the original document is not in English.
  • 30 Passport size photograph (3 * 4 cm)