International School Of Medicine

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE is a basic unit of IUK made to prepare therapeutic pros for remote nations, direct restorative research in collaboration who give top notch restorative administrations to the number of inhabitants in Central Asia and has a main wellbeing focal point of the nation and furthermore It is one of the higher universal instructive organizations.

On a special resolution of the Kyrgyz Government, ISM was established .The date for Kyrgyz Government's goals # 60 was February 5, 2004 brought ISM into IUK, which is one of Kyrgyzstan’s top universities highly rated for its substantial experience in training of foreign citizens.

To ensure maximum opportunities for those who want to become doctors and work in any place of the globe, this higher educational institution is designed.


The IUK has qualified and professional staff and faculty. The IUK faculty members have gone through training at San Francisco State University (USA), University of Michigan (USA), the University of Karlstad (Sweden), University of Hanover (Germany), Arnhem Business School (the Netherlands), the University of Laplandia (Finland), Tohoku University (Japan), Central European University (Hungary), University of Bern, (Switzerland), Salem International University (USA) and other leading world academic institutions.


A total number of higher schools are four, five institutes and two colleges, seven scientific research institutes at the IUK which offer undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields:

  1. Higher School of Diplomacy and International Law (HS D&IL)
  2. Higher School of Economics and Business (HS EB)
  3. Higher School of New Information Technologies (HS NIT)
  4. International School of Medicine (ISM)
  5. Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL)
  6. Institute of International Business (IIB)
  7. Kyrgyz-Indian Institute of Distance Learning (KIIDL)

  • Application Form for the University
  • Diploma (10+2 Marksheet) of High School which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program- copy of the original language diploma and legalized translation in English.
  • Original Passport - valid at least 6 months after the date when the invitation letter to studies is issued.
  • Birth Certificate and legalized translation in English, if the original document is not in English.
  • 30 Passport size photograph (3 * 4 cm)